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Datsura is an innovative company that has a proven record in providing mission critical products and solutions for financial regulators and banking associations facing complex technology challenges. At Datsura, we solve a range of business problems using a combination of data analysis and business domain expertise.

Regulatory Technology

We help with financial market oversight, designed to enhance transparency, reduce risks, and protect market participants. We help regulatory bodies with oversight related to reporting requirements, and risk mitigation requirements, to create a more stable and resilient derivatives market, reducing the likelihood of systemic risks and promoting fair and orderly trading practices.

Risk Management

Risk management in the areas of valuation, market and reference data management, Risk report creation, initial and variation margin computation that are related to derivatives and bank filings.

Cloud and Data Analytics

Contact us for more information about our services in cloud computing. For data analysis, we employ a variety of skills including statistics, modeling and programming. This effort usually involves combining a variety of data sets, data cleansing, problem modeling and processing of large data sets. With this approach, problems can be conceptualized, modeled, iterated and analyzed in a shorter period of time.

Blockchain Solutions

Please contact us for more information about our services in blockchain solutions.

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